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Spraying robot spraying causes paint spots on the car body


With the development of the automobile industry, body spraying technology is also constantly improving.

With the development of the automobile industry, body spraying technology is also constantly improving. The use of high-speed rotary cup electrostatic spraying has become the mainstream technology of today's automotive body intermediate and topcoat coating processes. The traditional intermediate and topcoat lines are manually operated. Air spraying technology can no longer ensure high-efficiency and high-efficiency production. New technology and new equipment spraying robots have emerged, but people always have paint spots when they use them. Then the spraying robot spraying causes paint spots on the car body. 



 Reasons for paint spots 1. When the spraying robot is spraying, the same spraying parameters, the same spraying environment, the same kind of spraying action, and the same kind of paint, no paint spots will appear on the left side of the car body, and uniform paint will appear on the right side. point.


Causes of paint spots 2. In the same robot, the same spraying parameters, and the same spraying environment, paint spots of other colors will not appear on the car body, but only Fontaine red will appear. It is recommended that you check the fineness of the paint , You can use a scraper gauge. According to my analysis, the fineness of the paint exceeds the standard. You can know it as soon as you scrape it.


Causes of paint spots 3. The electrostatic spraying distance is small during the spraying robot work. On the one hand, the paint cannot achieve a good atomization effect. On the other hand, it is important that the electrostatic spraying of the metallic flash base paint causes the aluminum to be sprayed. The powder is arranged vertically in the coating film relative to the coated surface so that the reflection of light is impaired, and the appearance of the coating film is not good.


The reasons for the paint spots on the car body caused by robot spraying are the above points. We should pay attention to the above problems when operating. Paint spraying robots are generally hydraulically driven, which has the characteristics of fast movement and good explosion-proof performance. It can be taught by hand or Point-to-point display to realize teaching. Painting robots are widely used in craft production departments such as automobiles, instruments, electrical appliances, and enamel.

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