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Application range and characteristics of polishing robot


Grinding robots are one of many types of modern industrial robots, which are used to replace traditional manual grinding and polishing of workpieces.

Grinding robots are one of many types of modern industrial robots, which are used to replace traditional manual grinding and polishing of workpieces. It can solve the current difficulty of recruiting workers in the polishing industry, and it is also helpful to improve the production efficiency of the factory in the polishing process, reduce work intensity, enhance the competitiveness of the factory and improve the quality of products, and promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Improve the automation level of the entire society's production.

Polishing robot application video case

Polishing robot application range


The grinding robot is used for grinding work, mainly used for surface grinding of workpieces, corner deburring, welding seam grinding, cavity inner hole deburring, orifice thread opening processing.

Songle polishing robot can be used to polish castings, sheet metal parts, sanitary ware, computer notebooks, mobile phones and other shells, and can also be used for a series of automatic deburring processing tasks. Bathroom hardware industry, IT industry, auto parts, industrial parts, medical equipment, wood building materials and furniture manufacturing, civilian products and other industries.

Application characteristics of polishing robot

The grinding robot is generally composed of teaching box, control cabinet, robot body, pressure sensor, grinding head assembly and other parts. It can realize continuous trajectory control and point position control under the control of the computer. According to the different ways of processing workpieces, it can be divided into tool-type grinding robots and workpiece-type grinding robots.

The application of Songle polishing robot can improve the polishing quality and product finish, increase productivity, and continuously produce 24 hours a day; improve workers' working conditions, and can work in harmful environments for a long time; reduce the requirements for workers' operating skills; shorten product transformation Cycle, reduce the corresponding investment equipment; re-development, users can carry out secondary programming according to different parts. It has the characteristics of long-term polishing operation, high productivity, high quality and high stability of the product.

Of course, in addition to reducing the economic burden of factories and some processing plants, there is actually another very important benefit-we all know that polishing work is actually a very dangerous job, because if safety measures cannot be guaranteed, accidents are likely to occur. , But if you use Songle to polish the robot, there will be no safety accidents.

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